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Website is important?

When this has entered the digital era 4.0 all layers of society are certainly no stranger to the internet. It has become a primary need, according to data almost 85% before consumers determine the attitude to buy and choose a product / service, they first do a search on a smart engine that is the Google search engine.

What is StabilisDEV?

StabilisDEV is a Stabiliskom service that focuses on Software Development, Website, Mobile Application, and integration of Indonesian local banks and Finteches such as Ovo, Gopay, Dana, LinkAja.

StabilisDEV main Service

Web Based Application

We can help you build your dream system using PHP, Laravel, CI, JS Node, or Ruby.

Examples of systems we have developed:
Website Company Profile.
Aplication Management Database.
Aplication Sales.
Aplication CRM.
Aplication Human Resource.
Aplication ERP.
Custom Solution.

Mobile Application
IOS and Android

We can build android and IOS mobile applications according to your company's needs. This mobile application can be linked to your web application.

Examples of systems we have developed:
Aplication booking for travel/hotel.
Aplication ecommerce.
Aplication training for gym.
Aplication marketplace.
Aplication hardware remote.
Aplication full custom.

Integration Fintech

We help your business to accept various payment methods, so you can focus on business growth. Here are some of our support Bank and Fintech that can be integrated with your Website or Application.

Why choose us?


Dedicated Technical Support is available that will help solve technical problems in a more personal way.

Full Maintenance Service

Every Application that is done is always bundled with maintenance services to ensure the Application continues to run well even though the Web has been handed over to the Client.

Data Center in Jakarta

So that access speeds will be higher and more stable, because using an IIX connection is not IX.


Data stored on the server is safer because the backup system is reliable and the backup server is in a separate area.